Trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina and Montevideo, Uruguay. Twins 16mo old.

Buenos Aires with twins, day 3

My wife and I have always loved to travel. We love everything about it- different languages, foreign cultures, exquisite cuisine, random acts of unexpected kindness, surmounting unexpected obstacles… We love it all!

When my wife was pregnant we wondered how we might continue to travel the world- with twins! Some friends of ours, parents of twins themselves, gave us a few pointers that were very encouraging and helpful. They put our minds at ease and showed us we could continue to travel with twins.

My wife and I continue to travel- with twins. This first post is written from Buenos Aires. The twins have now been to 8 countries on 4 continents and they turned 16 months old yesterday.

We hope to educate and inspire others who are wondering how things will change as they start their families. We are far enough into this process to understand that traveling with twins is in constant evolution. It presents some challenges and isn’t as easy as travel without children, but it is absolutely doable. We hope to be a resource to others in similar situations.


2 thoughts on “Buenos Aires with twins, day 3

  1. I’m so inspired by your posts! We have 8 month old twins and hope to travel to Europe for 2 weeks in Sept when they are 10 months. We’re thinking northern Italy and Switzerland mainly because we thought we could see many sights just by driving. However, we’d prefer to spend 2 weeks just in Italy if it were practical with twin bubs. We also thought two bases maximum for 5-6 nights each were better for the twins and not have to feel like we were packing every other day, rather than changing location every 3 nights but interested to know your opinion / experience? Also, I notice you have two single strollers – is that easier than one umbrella double? Thanks so much! Cheers, Scarlett

    • Thank you for the kind words. It is hard to recommend what exactly might work best for you. Everyone has different schedules and tastes. We tended to stay in bigger cities with lots to see when the girls were younger. We would spend a few days exploring the sites of each city while the girls snoozed in the stroller. More recently we have started road tripping with the girls. Interacting with them was easier once they could face forward. If doing a road trip, we definitely recommend using centralized bases and taking day trips from there. That worked splendidly on our own Italian road trip. We would stay 3-4 nights at each base, but our style is to stay on the move (and is not for everyone):)

      We started with 2 single strollers but later discovered everything was easier with one double stroller. We have used 2 side-by-side strollers: Delta LX is the lightest, no frills one out there and we got the Combi Twin Sport once the girls outgrew it. Small, light double strollers simplify travel. We highly recommend getting models that 1. recline and 2. fit through a standard doorway. There are plenty of bigger, nicer strollers out there, but very few that will fit into a standard car (especially with bags and car seats) or through an Xray machine at the airport.

      Thanks for your support. We are currently getting ready for a trip to Malaysia so please pardon the quick response. Please send more questions and we will try to reply directly to your email.

      Travel with Twins

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