Twin Training Tips for Travel: Laying the foundation

Travel with Twins Training Tip #1: Get your twins on the same schedule

Get your twins on the same schedule as soon as possible after their births. This is easily the MOST important suggestion we can give you. It allows you to have a reliable schedule. Don’t underestimate the importance of this.

In the womb your twins are happily sleeping and waking whenever they like. They have no concept of day and night. They are not programmed to sleep or feed at the same time. You must train them to eat, play, and sleep together. This takes some effort, but once you get them on the same schedule it will free you to sleep more, get out more, and maintain your sanity.

This also sets the stage to enable you to travel with your twins. My wife and I read the book Baby Wise prior to our girls being born. Our girls’ schedule was based on many of the recommendations in this book. I suspect there are other similar books out there, but we got this one on the recommendation of our friends with twins. Many of us have very strong feelings about how to be great parents for our children, and I am not endorsing this book as being right or wrong. That said, it worked for our friends and it worked for us. Our girls were both sleeping through the night by 10wks of age and they have been great sleepers ever since.

Getting your twins on the same schedule is imperative. You will have more energy, you will get out more, and you will be more able to cope with the new challenges that face you every day. It is also the most important first step in preparing your twins to travel.


One thought on “Travel with Twins Training Tip #1: Get your twins on the same schedule

  1. I could not agree more. We were routine freaks in the early days. We had to be. When they got off schedule with each other it was a nightmare of endless feeding every 60-90 minutes and snatches of 45 minute sleeps. Awful. It was an effort, but well worth it because it was really difficult when they were out of synch.

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