Trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina and Montevideo, Uruguay. Twins 16mo old.

From Santa Fe to Montevideo

MVD/BA Trip Mar 1-18 2012Travel: 1 lg luggage (77lbs) split into 2 (duffle) at airport, one baby bjorn carry-on each parent, 1 twin side-side stroller. Girls just under 16 months. 2 small collapsible high chairs and tents in bag.

Day 1: Santa Fe- DFW-Miami-Montevideo. Notes : The first international long flight that has been full. There were no open seats on plane so girls on our laps the whole time. Miami-Montevideo. 9hrs. Long day with 1 short nap prior to 11pm EST departure (girls usually in bed at 8:15). Zia went to sleep effortlessly while Essa fought sleep for an hr before succumbing. Nice couple from Michigan lent us a hand. Girls probably slept 6-7hrs each. Lynne and Essa sat next to a young man by the window seat. He looked terrified when he found out that he had to sit next to a baby. He was trapped in his own seat and never even leave for bathroom break. That was probably his worst nightmare.


Day 2: Arrive MVD 11:30. Ridiculous $60 cab from airport. Check into beautiful but small and decayed 1 BR apt. Walked along Sarandi (ped mall with restaurants and shops.). Managed to find Sarandi street, Plazas Matrix and Independencia, Palacio Silva, Mercado Del Puerto, and Plaza Zabala. Initial impression sorta like Lisbon- many nice old buildings that have fallen into disrepair. (Granted this is in Ciudad Vieja). The architecture is not very consistent as many old buildings are interspersed with newer ones.

The girls were a huge hit in MVD (as they seem to be just about everywhere). Many people stop us and ask questions about whether they are “meshisas” or fraternal twins. A few of the locals have taken pix of them, a few people have held them, and seemingly everyone wants to talk to us about them. They are a truly nice people.

After being put to bed at 2000, the girls awoke at 2130 (1730 at home). They were ready to party. They were both crying hard so we got them up for a bit, fed them again, and put them back down at 2330 (1930). Clearly the girls are on home time despite lack of sleep and mistook bedtime for nap time. Zia had 3 short naps while Essa had 2. They fell asleep immediately at 2330.

Where we stayed : Trough Airbnb, we found a cute one bedroom penthouse located on the third floor of neo-classical French building. Although the apartment is very charming, the ancient elevator was not working and given the ceilings are 20″ high, the 3rd floor apartment translated into a walk up of 4 stories. Imagine hauling up 77 lbs suitcase, a stroller and two babies. Advice for parents with twins, always double triple make sure that there is an elevator. Right on the Sarandi street where all the cafe’s and restaurants located. 15 mins walk to Mercado El Puerto. 25 mins walk to the ferry to transfer to Buenos Aires. $90 a night. No cribs but we brought a portable sleeping tents.


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