Trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina and Montevideo, Uruguay. Twins 16mo old.

La Rambla and Ciudad Vieja, Montevideo

Day 3: March 3, 2012.

Montevideo. Ciudad Vieja. Mercado del puerto and La Rambla.

Woke up at 0800 and couldn’t believe it. Not a peep from the girls. Had to wake them up for breakfast. Granted, their brains still consider it 0400 so not too surprising, I guess. Got them up, fed them, ate breakfast, got ready, and put them down for nap.

Hit the road after nap at 1300. Headed to Zabara park then to Mercado del Puerto. Mercado del Puerto is pretty awesome. In fact, it is a meat lovers paradise. If you don’t believe me, ask Anthony Bordain. Had me a huge chunk of meat grilled over the constantly fed fires and coals of a parilla. I had a large chunk of meat and Lynne had the Asado or beef short ribs. We also had some intestines for an app. I had a nice Uruguayan beer to go along with lunch. The girls feasted on bread and a bit of meat. We spent 2hrs filling our guts and it was great.

After lunch we rolled ourselves around Ciudad Vieja. Again we were struck by the faded glory of the old buildings- some of them with their doorways blockaded by cement blocks- and the lack of cohesive planning in general. The national bank is a large, gorgeous building that faces a vacant lot with run down housing filled with graffiti that barely looks livable across the lawn.

We put on a number of miles touring old city. We got some ice cream in plaza matrix, scampered across plaza independencia again for some reason, and ended the day walking along la rambla and the water front. There we found a little playground and let the girls run on the grass and play on the swings for a bit. We then strolled back to the apt at 1830.

Essa was pretty cranky as she only had 1 nap after a travel day and 8hrs the night before. We were hoping this would be the flip day and it was… Sort of. They slept well but As Essa didn’t take her bedtime bottle she woke up at 0530 hungry and crying. So close…


2 thoughts on “La Rambla and Ciudad Vieja, Montevideo

    • We are not brave but we just love to travel. It’s either the twins come with us or we don’t travel. Yes, the intestine was relish for appetizer! I guess from all the travelling, we are pretty adventurous when it comes to food.

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