Travel with Twins

Travelling With Kids: Yea or Nay?

Great article. It is always a BIG YEA from us. Traveling with babies and toddler is really hard and I agree with one of the post that it was a trip, not a vacation. However, I am a firm believer of planning before you travel. Being a parents that love to travel, you must one be a mathematician, psychologist, actor, CEO, doctor, lawyer, etc. Do not loose your passion for travel just because of having kids. For example, we used to be a backpackers and took night bus or train to avoid the hotel fee. Now with kids, we stayed in the room with kitchenette instead so we can save money from eating out. Yes, there are no more of the honeymoon phase where we can do anything that we want but we trained our twin girls from young to take a two hours day nap in the stroller so we can have a nice quiet lunch for two hours in a fancy restaurant or coffee with cake. We also trained them to go to bed at the same time at night or in the stroller so we can plan to have the candlelight or fancy dinner with the double stroller next to us sleeping quietly.

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I came across this post that I wrote several years ago, before number three was even on the way, and I can’t believe how much our lives have changed.  We’ve had the opportunity to travel as a family and experience incredible adventures together that I will forever treasure.  Does it ever amaze you how quickly the time flies by and in what seems like a blink years have passed?


“Having kids is not going to change our life”.  That was the mantra that my husband and I would repeat as newlyweds.  Above all else, we were going to continue our love affair with travelling. In our ignorant opinion, parents who compromised were just lazy.  Fast-forward a few years, 2 kids and a mini-van (gasp!) later, I am agonizing with my husband whether or not we should pack the bathing suits along with lots of patience and take our two…

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