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My wife and I have always loved to travel. We love everything about it- different languages, foreign cultures, exquisite cuisine, random acts of unexpected kindness, surmounting unexpected obstacles… We love it all!

When my wife was pregnant we wondered how we might continue to travel the world- with twins! Some friends of ours, parents of twins themselves, gave us a few pointers (and a ton of gear). They were very encouraging and helpful. They put our minds at ease and showed us that traveling with twins was possible.

My wife and I continue to travel- with twins. The girls have now been to 17 countries on 6 continents before they turned 5.

We hope to educate and inspire others who are wondering how things will change as they start their families. We are far enough into this process to understand that traveling with twins is in constant evolution. It presents many challenges but it is absolutely doable. We hope to be a resource and inspiration to others wondering how to travel with twins.


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  1. Thanks for following my blog! I’m so happy you did because coming across yours is a breath of fresh air! My husband and I love to travel as well and actually lived in the Middle East for the first year of our little girl’s life. We’ve been back in Canada for about a year and a half now, but we’re headed back to the Middle East for a few years come August and plan to do a lot of travelling with our little one. I’ll definitely be following your travels. 🙂


    • Cool! We are thinking of moving to Abu Dhabi next year to have an experience living in different country. I hope we can find a job there. I am from Malaysia and my husband is American. We met while we were traveling so travel is one of the only few things that I have in common with my husband..lol! I would love to hear more about your adventure moving back to Middle East!

  2. You guys are wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! This actually has just given me hope. I have car travelled with our twins quite a bit, but I haven’t flown yet. Thanks to their schedule, I can pretty much figure out when to do things, but I’ve been hesitant because of all the gear to bring and honestly, juggling my now 14 month old squirrely girl twins, Lucy and Ellie. I’m so ridiculously happy to have found your blog. Thank you!

  3. I can’t believe there’s actually a whole blog dedicated to something I so desperately wanted there to be a blog about at 04:00 in the morning. Amazing. I feel less anxious and stressed out. And our travel isn’t until July. The twins will be 7 months. Or 5. Whatever way you count the departure from the womb.. I will be printing out these pages and going over the lines with yellow marker. I’ll be briefing husband. Most likely with a powerpoint presentation. THANK YOU.

  4. Thanks for putting so much effort into this! We are just about to head into a crazy period of travel with our 9 month old twins and the information is invaluable. Do you have any tips on booking hotel rooms? Most booking sites seem to go into melt down if you add 2 infants under 1 into their system! That or the only rooms available are the presidential suites! Many many thanks

    • Thank you for your inquiry. We are about to be done with our “Accommodation” tips and will upload it in few days. I never add two infants when I search. If you put two adults and two infants, the system will search it as four people. I usually just put two adults and check the terms on the hotel/apartment that I like whether “children under 5 are free” or how much more I have to pay. We never pay for our girls unless we had to rent the cribs (usually complimentary). It is also depends on how many rooms that you need. When we travel before they are 3 years old, we usually ended up with one bedroom suites. The girls can sleep in the living room with provided cribs (complimentary) or we brought travel tents. Always check and call the hotel to see what they have or not. Also check these of the rooms to make sure the cribs or tents fit. I love to make a reservation on booking.com. It has info on the room size, whether children stays free and room pictures. It has an app where I can keep my accommodation itenary (for a long trip and multiple apartments) rather than having all confirmations printed). I hope it helps. Let me know if you need more info.

  5. Thankyou! Great tips! I am currently doing some research into a quick stopover in Dubai on route to London from Australia. It is much easier now thanks to your advice.

  6. Hi,
    We are planning to travel to Rome from Nuremberg, Germany this August with our 15 month old twins(now) who haven’t yet started to walk. It will be our first tour since they turned one. Its inspiring to see that you have traveled a lot with your twins. We were actually very skeptic to travel with them. I saw that you have traveled to Rome with the twins. It would be useful if you could provide some tips to us for the travel. Its a bit scary reading all reviews about travelling with twins.
    Best regards!!

    • Before our girls were born, we feared we wouldn’t be able to travel with twins. Luckily for us, we had friends who traveled far and frequently with their twins. They were our inspiration. Now our girls are nearly 4. They have flown 200,000 miles (330.000km) and have been to 5 continents. It can be done!

      Please let us know if you have any specific questions about travel and/or Rome. While the blog starts and stops randomly (we do have young twins after all), we do want to help others any way we can.

      Live ‘la dolce vita!’


      • Thanks for the reply! I wanted to know specifically about the going around in Rome after reaching there with the twins. We have a side by side double stroller (hauck SL II Duo) and read in your travelogue that you don’t have barrier free access in most of the places. It is very difficult without the stroller as they have not started to walk. What all do we have to keep in mind?

      • Our girls were just under 2 years old when we went to Italy. They could walk but we used the stroller much of the time to get around and visit the sites. If your stroller fits through a standard sized doorway it will be easier to get around. That way you won’t have to open and close the stroller (and get gear/children in and out) over and over. Most major sites have elevators that allow you entry with strollers but crowded attractions can be difficult. We had a hard time getting through the mob at the Sistine Chapel with our stroller. Italy is ancient and there are times that you will have to navigate stairs. We usually left our girls in the stroller and had 1 parent lifting in front and 1 behind. There are plenty of wide open piazzas and beautiful parks to stroll through and the narrow cobblestone streets weren’t a problem.

        We stayed in a rental close to Vatican City and walked nearly everywhere. I’m sure we used some public transport but can’t remember how accessible buses and metro are for strollers. Take care to make sure you don’t rent a fourth floor apartment with no lift or you’ll have to lug everything up and down daily.

        We had a great time in Rome. There were minor obstacles but they were overcome. We happily pushed our girls all over the city and took it all in. We kept them out all day. Our favorite time was nap time. Our girls would nap in the stroller and we would head to a coffee shop for a cappuccino and dessert. Ah… La dolce vita!

        Let us know if you have any other questions.



  7. thank you thank you for this site. i wish i had read it before arranging our seats. we are flying to Kentucky on 23 July with two 15 month old twin boys and my amazing 6 year old daughter. I have just managed to arrange for the bassinets but would prefer open seats. not sure how lucky we will be! My main thing is what toys to take for them? I have bought them a bag each to put their own bits in. There is so much to think about! snacks and food to take, water for their formula. What about cows milk? Can i take that through from check in? If not will there be milk to buy in duty free? How do we arrange for a ride along in Altanta as we only have 90 mins to get to our connecting flight? The best thing is though that I know that the anticipation of the flights will be far worse than the reality

    • Is your flight international or domestic? Not sure where you are starting from, but if you have to clear US immigration and get to connecting flight in 90 minutes it will be tough. Call the airline now and see if they can have someone meet you as you deplane and assist you through the process. We book flights with at least 2-3 hours between connections to clear immigration.

      There is a fine line between having enough and too much with you on the plane.Our rule of thumb is that we fit everything under the seat in front of us. If it is in the overhead compartment it is too far away. Our girls were on a set feeding schedule so we would count how many feeds/snacks we would need and add 1 or 2 in case of delays. Estimate diapers the same way. Spare clothes, small bag of toys and leave some room for your things. Some of our recommendations are below.

      Snack and drink tips
      -get a snack catcher like those from Munchkin so the snacks won’t spill.
      -if you need milk and are flying from any airport in US, buy milk at starbucks or other shop selling breakfast items after you clear security.
      -realize if you want to keep milk on the flight you will have to have a small cooler and you will need to get ice after security screening.
      -if you have milk/liquid formula going through security it will need to be tested so have containers that can be opened and closed. Notify security you are sending it through the scanner.
      -Bring spill proof sippy cup and/or bottles
      -if you use powder formula (which is easier and lighter than liquid) premeasure into a multi-sectioned dispenser. That way you buy water after security and on the plane you dump the powder into a bottle, mix it, and split it (depending on how much your kids need). We would premeasure for 300ml (full bottle) and split it.
      -snack suggestions-Organic yoghurt blend snacks from Gerber, dried fruit. organic puffs, baby mums mums and cherios. We also love to bring yogurt from Gerber that doesn’t it to be refrigerated but security might want to open it and taste it because it is a form of baby food.

      -Each parent has a small sealable bag with toys in his/her carry on. Each has different small toys for variety and everything is shared. Go to dollar store toy stores and buy new shiny cheap toys such as:
      -Baby Einstein take along tunes
      -pieces of Lego duplo. It works with our girls, they love it.
      -touch and feel books
      -removable stickers from melissa and doug. Make sure they are big enough for stickers and not putting them in the mouth.
      -Magnetic tin play set
      -Munchkin Travel flashcards in the ring
      -mini flashlights
      -Doodle pad (small ones). Crayola color wonder.
      -Also be prepared to turn anything and everything into a toy. Your hand, a spare sock, empty drink cups, straws. We brought our mini Tupperware container and the girls loved to open the cup, put lego duple in there, close the lid and shake it. The smallest things can entertain at young ages.

      Bon voyage!


  8. Thanks so much for your reply. I will get in to amazon for your you suggestions! We are flying from the UK to Atlanta then connecting to Louisville. My brother arranged and paid for the flights so I had no control over them. I have checked the times again and we land 1930 and take off 2200 something. I think we have 2.5 hrs to transfer. I have called delta to try and reserve the bassinets but they are telling me it is first come first served so to get there early and they only have 3 per flight so not holding my breath we will get one let alone 2! Just going to pray for a spare seat!!

  9. Hi just found your blog and I’m so happy I did. We have twin boys who just turned 2 in Oct. They have been on planes before to visit family (California, Arizona, Louisiana) and have been on a road trip to North Carolina. Now my hubby and I want to plan a family vacation. I am open to going back to Europe (we have been before) but am curious as to your suggestions on the best places to take toddlers. My hubby is a little skeptical about Europe (budget concerns) and wishes to know about your suggestions as to places to go in the United States. We traveled a lot before the kids and are basically interested in culture and experiences. We are used to modest accommodations as long as its clean and my preference is a private bathroom. We’ve asked around but so far I have only heard a lot of negativity about traveling with twins and kids in general, I am interested to hear your thoughts.

    • Thanks for reading and saying hello. As with most everything, the more you practice the easier it gets to travel with young ones. We hope to inspire parents to embrace it rather than fear it!



  10. Please do get in touch with us, we would love to hear about your travelling experience with twins, info @ familytripfinder dot com
    Thank you

  11. Thanks for following my blog (Have Kids, Still Travel) – I’m following yours, too! Great to see other parents embracing the joys of travel with kids! Bons Voyages!

  12. Thanks for following my blog about Tokyo! I admire your willingness to travel with your little ones. We find it a challenge with just our 5-year-old, although I think it almost always is worth the effort.

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